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About the Pakistan Israel Alliance

The Pakistan Israel Alliance is a not-for-profit group that seeks to build bridges and better understanding between Israelis and Pakistanis, as well as Jews and Muslims in general.

The PIA mission is support and promote peaceful reconciliation between Israel and Pakistan, believing it to be in the best national interest of both countries to do so.

This groundbreaking initiative will provide a platform for constructive voices from different communities. We will promote regional peace, and foster inter-ethnic and interfaith dialogue; we will challenge extremism, Antisemitism and Islamophobia.

We hope to achieve our aims via events, workshops, publications, media and trips.

Noor Dahri

Noor Dahri is the founder and director of the Pakistan Israel Alliance.

Born in Pakistan before moving to the UK, he is a researcher and commentator on issues relating to counter-terrorism and violent extremism.

Noor is a regular writer for a variety of websites, including the Times of Israel. His academic background in these fields include Oxford University (England), the University of Maryland (USA) and International Institute for Counter Terrorism (Israel). Noor is an honorary member of the Zionist Federation UK.

Paul Charney

Paul Charney is the Chairman of the Zionist Federation UK.

Born in South Africa, Paul lived for many years in Israel, where he served as an Officer in the IDF Armoured Corps.

In 1996 Paul moved to the UK to study Law at Leeds University. In 2002 Paul qualified and worked as a solicitor in the City. In 2006 Paul established a strategic land company based in central London. Paul is active in the Jewish community, and was elected Chairman of the Zionist Federation UK in 2012. He is Vice- Chairman of Mill Hill Synagogue, regularly speaks on Israel at schools and Israel events and works closely with a number of Israeli organisations.